The Maseru Women’s Senior Citizen Association (MWSCA) is a local NGO run by elderly women themselves. It was founded in 1997 by a group of 10 older women with the support of W.K. Kellog Foundation. In recent times, the organization has been getting increased support from Help Age International and the Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation.

The aim of MWSCA is to encourage active ageing amongst older persons and to combat discrimination and abuse of older persons in Lesotho. Amongst the many activities of this organization, it provides social support for its members, it works an advocacy group for older persons, it runs workshops and outreach programs for older persons and communities on issues related to ageing, and it offers support services like school fees, uniforms, food, seeds to older persons caring for children. All these programs aim at improving lives of older persons in their families and communities.

In Lesotho there are limited local and national representative pressure groups promoting specifically the need for positive benefits of financial, social welfare and legal support for the rights of the elderly. Currently, the Maseru Women Senior Citizens is the only elderly-focused group included in national directories of NGOs.


Core Activities

  • Assist in providing improved assess to health care for senior citizens in Maseru.
  • Provide information on health care through lectures, workshops and other means.
  • Provide social and recreational activities for senior citizens.
  • To improve the youth skills of home nursing that will equip them to assist the senior citizens.
  • Develop links with other NGOs throughout the country.
  • To collaborate with other organizations of the similar nature.